Save 20% with Yiftee




Receive a 20% savings every month on your Yiftee eGift Card service.

Mastercard Easy Savings and Yiftee have partnered to provide enrolled Mastercard business credit and debit cardholders the opportunity to earn a 20% monthly savings on Yiftee eGift Card service.

Yiftee (Yiftee.com) is the award winning no hassle gift card solution with no special technology or POS integration, no revenue-share, no discounting and no special accounting. It’s easy for merchants to offer eGift Cards on their website and Facebook page. Merchants gain additional sales, foot traffic and an eGifting capability like big retailers. Consumers, corporations and merchants use the Yiftee mobile and online app to send thoughtful, unexpected gifts via Twitter®, email and text. Recipients pick up their Yiftee gifts using their smartphone at their favorite local restaurants and shops, driving profitable business to those merchants.

We walk you through the setup process so you’ll be up-and-running in no time.

Offer is valid on a monthly subscription purchase at Yiftee.com for one or multiple store locations when paying with an eligible business card enrolled in the Mastercard Easy Savings Program. Other terms and conditions apply.

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