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BIDaWIZ is professional network where small businesses can obtain professional advice and services on-demand from a network of online CPAs, EAs, CFPs, CFAs, & JDs.

Professional Tax and Financial Advice Online – Free 7 Day Trial

On average, BIDaWIZ customers receive their advice at a 70% discount, compared to the typical billable rates of an in-person meeting with an accountant or financial advisor.

How it Works

1) Ask a Question: Submit your tax or finance related question(s) to BIDaWIZ.

2) Signup for the Trial: Free 7 day trial and then $49 per month for unlimited usage. 100% statisfaction guaranteed.

3) Get the Answer: You are emailed an answer that references various authoritative sources. Correspond with the professional until you are satisfied.

Premium Small Business Newsletter & Knowledge Base with a 7 Day Free Trial

Also register for the 7 day free trial of our premium small business weekly newsletter and knowledge base containing expert advice from nationally recognized tax and financial professionals. This offer will expire on December 31, 2015.

Featured in the Press

BIDaWIZ is recognized as a leading tax and financial resource for Small Business being featured and quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, CNN, Fox Business, Crain’s New York, among other notable publications.

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